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The Case of the Missing Cheese

A Grove Street Mystery

Perfect for families and educators of young children, The Case of the Missing Cheese: a Grove Street Mystery shines a light on bilingualism, the vibrancy of a varied population, and the true meaning of community.

The Case of the Missing Cheese

Nine-year-old Skyler and her two best friends attend Mount Brighton Elementary, a dual-language school where the kids learn in English and Spanish, reflective of their diverse community. Together, they make up the Grove Street Detective Agency, part of a thrilling community-wide detective game. But their little game turns real and they are caught up in an actual mystery when a very special cheese vanishes into thin air after the town carnival. Now, everyone in their “big small” town is a suspect. With her friends beside her, Skyler must confront her own fears and get to the bottom of the mystery…before it’s too late.

The Case of the Missing Cheese

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