Lisa C. Mitchell


Lisa C. Mitchell

Children’s author Lisa Mitchell has enjoyed storytelling for as long as she can remember and would spend hours alone as a child inventing elaborate worlds or writing plays. Inspired by her daughter, her friends, and their dual language school and neighborhood, she’s renewed that passion with her new middle-grade fiction book, The Case of the Missing Cheese: a Grove Street Mystery. This thrilling detective story set in a richly diverse, multilingual community, explores the power of language, friendship, and belonging.

Lisa believes a good book is one that has loveable characters that young readers can see themselves in. She hopes they come away from her book with an understanding that friendship and community transcend language, and that this stays with them long after the book is closed.

Although The Grove Street Mysteries series marks her children’s fiction debut, Lisa has written on a range of topics. Her work has been published by Palgrave, Teaching Theater, The American Journal of Community Psychology, and others.

When she isn’t writing whimsical mysteries for kids, Lisa loves her job in the entertainment industry through which she works to bring the arts to children everywhere. She is also a researcher who enjoys traveling with her family, photography, and teaching in higher education. Lisa holds a doctorate in education from Johns Hopkins University, and lives in the New York City metropolitan area with her husband, daughter, and their two dogs.

Lisa C. Mitchell

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